Welcome to eAcademia. We assist readers by providing written guidance. Our knowledge is based on the fact that a person’s written ability would have been transferred and gained, by reading literature. Although, if the necessary reading has not been completed, eAcademia solves this written dilemma. EAcademia improves written awareness.

“Would you like to improve your written ability?” [1]

EAcademia assembles and establishes the necessary written building blocks, to ensure a beneficial academic future. We justify and construct how to write either a report, an essay, or a dissertation. The sooner a student reads and is aware of these basic written traits, having been made aware of these, this adds reason to further enhance a reader’s future written ability.


To discuss the information that has been presented, first read, Research Aim and An Overview of Academic Writing. Here we have assisted each student to recognise how to build an argument. Here we quickly enable researchers to justify either a written explanation and or also provide an interpretation in metrics. We explain how to present a calculated risk. This knowledge enables readers to cross-reference and confirm the necessarily written requirements. 


To enhance this and acquire knowledge explaining how to write with greater precision, students should follow the above Logic options. Please read these funnels of wisdom to provide the most beneficial answer to write while in education. Each channel specifies a specifically written aim. For instance, Deductive Logic enhances knowledge of the traditional research method. Then when it’s felt you would yet again like to further your written and arguing ability, students should begin writing using Inductive Logic. With this wisdom, you will then have reason to understand how to think, apply, and argue with justification, even more proficiently. Applying such written distinction would demonstrate a student’s written ability.


Eacademia provides and furthers written awareness. Are you already aware of these necessities? Being a student do you believe, your written abilities could be improved? Continue answering this question by recognising, understanding and answering the Research Aim.


[1] Questioned by Wilson, R. (2017)


We provide an explanation of how to write a valued academic document. To do this we have then provided structured options, focusing in on specific written elements that further the understanding of writing a specific document. These are presented in Research Aim and An Overview of Academic Writing. These are enhanced with the knowledge of each Logic option, as these present a  greater amount of written precision. For instance, a deductive argument is the traditional, written form of argument followed in research. After having read these pages, when a Site user has confirmed which Form of writing would be the most applicable, please click on the, ‘Buy Now’ link to further understanding of these issues and to purchase a specific option. Payments can either be made with a credit card, or by using Paypal. Each payment will be taken and secured by Gumroad. Gumroad is a secure platform that enables creditors to sell their products directly to consumers. After payment, readers will then be provided with a structured, and focused explanation. Lecturers appreciate students that can show they are able to write using intention and from this, illustrate written precision.

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